Why Select a Licensed Residential Builder?

A Licensed Residential Builder acting as a General Contractor ( “The Builder”) serves as a single point of contact and manages all aspects of your building projects. “ The Builder” assumes total responsibility for the quality of workmanship, and integrity of the complete job upon you behalf. “The Builder” makes the difficult decisions for you, acquires the necessary permits, schedules the work, and inspections, orders the building materials and products, and negotiates with the Sub-Contractors for you.

Tip: Unlicensed & improperly insured Contractors expose you to significant risk. It is always recommended that you request evidence of licensure, and certificates of Liability and Workmen’s Compensation. The State of Michigan requires both, it is the law.

Tip: The State of Michigan has many different licenses that can be acquired i.e. drywall contractor, electrical contractor, roofing contractor. New Homes, Additions, bathroom & kitchen renovations and additions are best handled by Licensed Residential Builder with General Contractor Experience.

What are the Advantages of hiring a Residential Builder acting as my General Contractor?

The Homeowner has a single point partnership with one company “The Builder” who upon your behalf will design, specify, negotiate, and build your project; and assumes responsibility and authority for the workmanship, and cost control of your project.

Will a building permit be required for my project?

As a rule, a building permit is required whenever:

  • When a new home is being built.
  • When a well, drainfield, driveway, utility and sewer connections are being constructed.
  • When structural changes occur to your home i.e. the basic living area has been expanded or the exterior of your home has been altered.
  • When the homes mechanical systems are installed or improved. A new hot water heater required a permit and inspection upon completion of the installation.
  • Some municipalities require building permits to re-roof an existing house or structure or to make alterations to the exterior.
  • Whenever in doubt it is best to call the local municipality and ask if a permit will be necessary.

Tip: Beware of Contractors who say they can save you money by not getting a Building Permit, they may not be licensed or insured.

Is there an average cost per square foot?

No, there are many variables to be considered. Essentially your choice in design, size of your building lot and size of our project, and products will determine the cost per square foot for the work you desire.

How will I know what the cost of my Project will be?

It is not possible during the initial planning stages of any project and building relationship to know exactly what your project will cost. However, through careful planning, and precise pricing based upon completed building plans and specifications an accurate cost can be determined.

MayBuilders is happy to provide you with a “BallPark” estimate based upon our experience of what we think your building ideas will cost.

We cannot build your project without a realistic budget, and neither can anyone else.

Tip: Beware of Contractors who say they can provide a firm quote for labor and materials without a set of complete plans and specifications.

Will a Contract be necessary? I am wary of long Contracts.

A competent Licensed Residential Builder will be able to determine the type of Contract that is necessary. All contractual agreements should have input by both parties. A Builders Standard Contract maybe acceptable for a New Home, but not apply for Addition, just as a Remodeling Contract may not be necessary for deck or garage addition. As a rule, the best contracts are constructed of easy to understand language and offer protection for both parties involved.

Tip: If the language of the contract is difficult to understand, or you do not see enough protection for you and your family, ask your Builder to rewrite the Contract with your concerns addressed.

Tip: Never conduct business with a Handshake Agreement. Save the handshakes for when the contracted has been successfully signed.

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