Building relationships, and creating connections are a very important aspect of my work. These letters from my clients stand in testimony of our work. I have placed a few testimonials on this page for you. I hope that they help you understand my commitment to providing a professional, well-informed, and fun building experience.

Ron May is an outstanding craftsman with an impeccable work ethic. I highly recommend him for any remodeling or building job. He remodeled a house for me in Grand Rapids, and when I went to sell it in a totally bleak housing market 18 months later, it sold, for full price in 10 days!

-- Martha Burkett

Ron has an uncanny ability to construct my vision. He is trustworthy, conscientious and thorough. I recommend Ron for any project you may have.

-- Randall B Kleiman

Ron has done several jobs for us. We love his dedication to quality.

-- Carol Telford Stahlmann

Beautiful work, Ron!

-- Sandra Preziosi

Ron May has rebuilt our house and put on an addition. We are extremely happy with Ron's workmanship, loyalty and honesty. Our home is beautiful and we highly recommend Ron for large or small jobs.

-- Ed and Debi Sladek

Ron eradicated a mold problem in a building where I worked, and generally took care of it for about 10 years. He was so pleasant and fair in our dealings that in 2007, I hired him to work on my home. His sub-contractors were all great and Ron had lots of great advice on how to approach projects. I highly recommend him.

-- meegholl

I have been able to work with May Builders on extensive remodels. It is always a positive experience. Ron May is a "hands on" builder and provides extensive input both for the customer and sub contractor. Ron's calm approach to problem solving is a bonus. When doing remodel work, it can be very invasive to the homeowner. Ron's attention to cleanliness and order is a plus.

-- Roger Gustafson

Professional, detail oriented, provides guidance with the building process. Acquires true craftsmen for the specific job. Excellent at keeping the owners informed. Has been a pleasure working with this builder.

-- mbtalberg

MayBuilders has completed three projects for me over ten years that include an addition to a home that doubled the size, a complete remodel of two bathrroms in a 25 year old home, and installing a basic bathroom in a garage. In all of these projects, MayBuilders was superb in the excellence of the outcome, consistently communicating and providing options that enhanced the end result. I am most grateful for the fact that my children, my elderly father, and my dog were all treated with kind consideration in every encounter, across the team of professionals, in each project. When Ron May said he would be there or do something, it was done. As the head contractor, he responded immediately to the few problems we encountered. I had a strong sense of security in allowing May Builders to come and go from my home. Confidence that things will be done right, and knowledge that the people and things I love will be well treated, is what makes me return to MayBuilders for all of my projects. I have no reservations or criticisms whatsoever. I already have the next project in mind! My projects ranged in price from more than $100,000 to approximately $5,000.

-- rappley

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“Building Brighter Futures, Today®” became my commitment twenty years ago, and it is still true today. Working collaboratively with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your desires, and making them real.

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